SpaceTM Property Management software, because space is money

The infinitely customizable property management software


Praeneste Technologies was founded in 1990 to develop innovative computerized solutions tailored to the specific needs of companies managing numerous leases whether as owner, lessee or property manager.

Space SolutionsTM 9 good reasons for choosing SpaceTM
Space Landlord Suite For Property Managers and Landlords
Space Residential Suite For Property Managers and Landlords
Space Developer Suite For Constructors and Developer
Space Corporate Suite For large corporations such as Banks, Insurance Companies, Food, Transportation, Media, Governments, Cities, etc.
Space Tenant Suite For Retail Chains, Telecom Companies, etc.
Space Airports For the management of airport rental spaces: duty-free shops, check-in counters, etc
Space is profitable
Space optimizes property management so effectively that it will soon become your best investment
Space is intelligentt
It transforms your raw data into strategic analyses and facilitates property performance measurement
Space is a complete solution
Whatever your segment industry, Space gives you the same degree of flexibility and efficiency. Modules for billing utilities, budgeting, tracking service requests, monitoring construction work, etc. can be added at any time. In addition, all the Space Suites can be integrated into a single powerful application
Space is adaptable
You can choose, combine and configure the features to suit your organization’s priorities and management style
Space works hand-in-hand with your other applications
Space is truly compatible. It supports SQL Server and Oracle databases and operates seamlessly with your preferred software applications such as word processing, spreadsheet or imaging applications
Space is bilingual
You can configure Space to work and communicate in English and French
Space is secure
Boasting unique features, Space enables you to protect both data (properties, companies, etc.) and functions (such as menu and report access)
Space is designed to evolve
Space is designed to evolve, keeping up with changes in technology, your company and the market
Space comes with first-class technical support
The solution includes software installation, a comprehensive training plan and full after-sell service, with online support