SpaceTM Property Management software, because space is money

SpaceTM Tenant Suite

Property management may not be your company’s main activity, but even the tiniest error in this area can cost you thousands of dollars. Fortunately there is Space Tenant Suite. It allows you to centralize all lease-related information, validate landlord billings and automate the processing of critical variables (recurrent or percentage rents, recoverable costs, CPI fluctuations and more). No more errors. With real time management, you save real time and real money.

Product Summary
Space Tenant Suite is designed for Corporations that must manage an important real estate portfolio as a tenant (Retail Chains, Telecom Companies, etc.)


· One-click access to leases, pictures or any other documents and remarks related to the property and/or leases

· Manages lease deadlines (notices, renewals, options or expiry)

· Forecasts expenses and automatically manages payables

· Validates and automatically processes rent increases (escalation clauses)

· Computes percentage rents based on gross sales levels, break-point figures, deductions and various calculation methods

· Validates retroactive adjustments for estimated recoverable expenses

· Tracks CAM charges, operating expenses (insurances, utilities, security, etc.), and taxes

· Produces various analysis reports

· Insures full security as to access to miscellaneous data-entry windows, programs, companies and properties

· Manages every aspect of the leases:

· Area history

· Common charges

· Lease clauses follow-up

· Standard clauses

· Maintenance clauses

· Security deposits

· CPI increase

· Percentage rent

· And more…


See also the following Space Suites and modules for the management of mixed real estate activities and portfolios
Corporate Suite Accurately manage your lease and sublease obligations. Prevent lease overpayments and ensure you recharge CAM, tax, rent and other property-related expenses to the subleases.
Developer Suite Accurately monitor your construction projects. Control the project commitments and easily manage contracts, subcontracts and change orders. Automatically link the jobs to the Accounts Payable module.
Purchase Order Print or email purchase orders to suppliers. Easily control your budget with SPACE advanced committed cost functions. Automatically links the P.Os to the Reception and Accounts Payable modules.
Automatic email alarms Automatically send email alarms for critical dates such as lease expiry, renewal options or any other important date.
Budget Hypotheses Automatically build your budgets by importing existing data such as rent charges, common charges and percentage rent formulas. Apply CPI increase or a predefined percentage to the charges and build up to 13 budget scenarios per year.