SpaceTM Property Management software, because space is money

SpaceTM Landlord Suite

Maximizing property performance and profitability is your priority, and Space Landlord Suite is designed with that in mind. Detailed data entry enables full analysis of all key management variables: square footage performance, tenant-related and property operation costs, etc. Space tracks your real estate assets at every step.

Product Summary
Space Landlord Suite is designed for Property Managers and Landlords. It is supplied with basic modules allowing for accurate and efficient management of commercial, office and industrial space.


· One-click access to leases, pictures or any other documents and remarks related to the property and/or leases

· Manages lease deadlines (notices, renewals, options or expiry)

· Creates estimated and actual recovery invoicing as per the ratio calculated for each lease

· Automatically invoices percentage rent by keeping track of various sales levels, break-even point, deductions and calculation methods

· Automatically manages rent raises (escalator clauses)

· Produces various reports: revenue per property or unit, revenue projection, vacancies, financial statements and other analysis reports

· Insures full security as to access to miscellaneous data-entry windows, programs, companies and properties

· Manages every aspect of the leases:

· Area history

· Common charges

· Lease clauses follow-up

· Security deposits

· CPI increase

· Percentage rent

· Pre-authorized and Internet payments

· Insurance follow-up

· And more…

· Space Landlord Suite comes with a full accounting system:

· Accounts receivable

· Post-dated checks management

· Accounts payable

· Check writing

· General Ledger

· Budgets

· Bank Reconciliation


See also the following Space Suites and modules for the management of mixed real estate activities and portfolios
Residential Suite Manage your multi-apartment buildings with Space full range of functionalities. Easily manage the leases’ financial aspects as well as the services and relationship to your tenants.
Developer Suite Accurately monitor your construction projects. Control the project commitments and easily manage contracts, subcontracts and change orders. Automatically link the jobs to the Accounts Payable module.
Service Request Easily manage your service calls and follow-ups. Automatically invoice the chargeable services via the Accounts Receivable module.
Purchase Order Print or email purchase orders to suppliers. Easily control your budget with SPACE advanced committed cost functions. Automatically links the P.Os to the Reception and Accounts Payable modules.
Automatic email alarms Automatically send email alarms for critical dates such as lease expiry, renewal options or any other important date.
Budget Hypotheses Automatically build your budgets by importing existing data such as rent charges, common charges and percentage rent formulas. Apply CPI increase or a predefined percentage to the charges and build up to 13 budget scenarios per year.